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Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Wednesday: 1pm - 4:30pm

Office is currently closed to visitors

OFFICE PHONE: (810) 229-8624


At St. Mary Magdalen, we pride ourselves on striving to be a truly welcoming, catholic community.  We will welcome you regardless of your present status in the Catholic Church. We will welcome you regardless of your current family situation or marital status. We will welcome you if you are a staunch Catholic, or do not like organized religion.

We will not condemn or dismiss you based upon your personal history, age, race, ethnic background, appearance, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We welcome children, even when they act like children. We are all on a spiritual journey, trying to find our way. All are welcome to join us on our spiritual journey at St. Mary Magdalen. 

Serving meals to the hungry

(Carry Out ONLY) on Monday evenings from 6-7pm.


Liturgies, Special Videos, Daily Reflections, Audio Files, Video Archives, and Livestream.

Jan. 24, 2021 - 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, 4:30pm Liturgy

Keep the Faith

During times of crisis is when God’s people are often at their best. While we pray for the people affected by this virus, we also pray for all people suffering, hurting, and in need. We may meet in a building, but the church is not limited to our building on Old U.S. 23. Be bold and courageous during this time and look for ways to continue to meet one another's needs while being responsive to public health concerns. The use of social media, online viewing, electronic giving, creative delivery of discipleship content, growing prayer ministries, and better connection to each other will all leave the church in a stronger position after the virus passes. God’s people will experience God’s abundant care and faithfulness when we prayerfully walk in faith.

+  Visit the Blessed Sacrament Chapel (open 24 hrs) for private prayer with the Lord

+  Watch the Liturgy LIVE at 4:30 on Saturday, then drive through for reception of Communion between 5:45 and 6:15pm.

+  Watch the Liturgy anytime after 6:30pm on Saturday, drive through for reception of Communion on Sunday between

    12:15 and 12:45pm.

+  Visit the parish Facebook Page for inspirational posts, sharing of prayers, videos, Liturgies, events and daily reflections from

     Fr. Shaun and Deacon Devon.

+  Update your information in our database. Fill out this form (or just make the necessary changes) and either mail it in or

    drop it off at the office during normal office hours. FAMILY INFORMATION FORM STATUS.   If you just need to change your email

    and/or phone number, you can do it online HERE.

+  Visit for daily Readings, reflections, news updates and more!. Get connected and follow the USCCB on

    their social media sites:

+  FORMED:  The Catholic Faith On demand.  Programs, videos, audios, books and more!

For Prayer…reflection

Prayer for Spiritual Communion


My Jesus, 

I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. 

I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. 

Since I cannot at this moment receive You sacramentally, come at least spiritually into my heart. 

I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. 

Never permit me to be separated from You. Amen.

A Prayer for the Sick and Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones


Today we pray for those who are suffering from the ravages of the Corona Virus.  We ask that you bring healing to those who are currently suffering from this virus.  Lord, help their bodies stay strong. Help them fight this illness. Turn the sick to you in their hour of need and save them both physically and spiritually. 

We ask that you comfort those who have a loved one currently suffering or have already lost someone dear to them.  Give them the peace that only you can give.

We ask that you remove this disease from the world as quickly as possible.  Help us to follow recommendations so that we may be free from the threat that Covid-19 currently poses to our world.

You are the Great Healer.  You alone have the power to cure all disease.  We ask that, if it be your will, you will slow the spread and hasten the discovery of a remedy.

In the name of your son, Jesus, we pray these things, Amen

A Prayer for Health Care Workers 


Today we pray for all those on the front lines, caring for the health of all.  Bless the scientists, nurses, doctors, office staff, pharmacists, and researchers.  Some are working countless hours around the clock for us. They go into battle every day to protect and to guide.  Strengthen their hands to do your work. Give them patience and strength. Make their minds sharp, their hearts sensitive, and their hands steady.  

When they go home after long shifts let them know that they’ve done well.  Give them the rest they need to keep them strong. Protect their loved ones so they do not have to choose service over family.  Help them be sensitive, caring, and sensible so others are put at ease. Thank you for their training, their love, and their care.  We ask that you would watch over them today and every day until you heal our world. 

In the name of Christ, our Great Physician, Amen

Weekly reflection with the Sisters of St. Francis Oldenburg, IN

A daily 3 minute retreat from Loyola Press

Daily prayer reflection…prayer with the Saints…University of Notre Dame

Daily Prayer, Praying Ordinary Time, Online Ignatian Retreats….Creighton University

Saint of the Day

Ignatian Prayer, Spiritual Exercises………………..Ignatian Spirituality

Daily Prayer…………Sacred Space

Liturgy of the Hours