Discipleship Adventure Week

June 20 - 24; Grades 7-9
M-Th: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Fri: 9:00AM - 6:00PM

This week-long program is designed to introduce young teens to the adventure following Jesus is meant to be.


Participants will watch and discuss videos from series such as "The Search" and "The Chosen." Every day will feature games and other interactive activities. Weather permitting, students will go on a hike one of the afternoons and participate in a day-long retreat at a nearby summer camp.

Program Vision

Too often, young people feel like following Christ is boring. They may think, "My friends don't seem to care about Church or God, or any of that stuff, so why should I?" When Christianity is reduced to nothing but rules to follow, we can hardly blame young people for feeling this way. However, the truth of being a disciple is far different and much more exciting. This program seeks to introduce young teens to the Jesus who tells his followers to "put out into the deep water." (Luke 5:4)


Yes, Christianity has rules, but it is so much more than a series of "do nots". True Christianity is a resounding "YES!" to Jesus' call to adventure. 

When we begin following Christ, our lives change, becoming richer and far more exciting. This summer, we are excited to introduce the teens of our parish to the adventure of a lifetime!

Note: Beginning in 2023, completion of this program will be a prerequisite to enrolling in the Confirmation class.


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