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Befriender Ministers respond to the emotional and spiritual needs of individuals by bringing

a caring presence and a living reminder of God's love. 


Who are the people in our faith community who need a BeFriender?
Maybe it is a single parent struggling with raising children or a person living with a chronic illness. Perhaps it is an unemployed head of household weary from job hunting or a new mom adjusting to caring for a baby. BeFrienders provide pastoral care for people in all kinds of difficult or transitional situations.

There is a healing power in telling one's story. 
BeFrienders listen with compassion. BeFrienders understand the importance of hearing another's story from that person's perspective. Respect and empathy allow them to listen and respond without judgment.

BeFrienders accept people as they are.
Caring, not curing BeFrienders are a living reminder of God's love. As companions, BeFrienders give those they befriend the chance to recognize, value, and use their own God-given, Spirit-led wisdom.

BeFrienders respect another's spiritual journey.
BeFrienders are aware that they are in God's presence when befriending someone and that the time shared is a blessing to both people in the relationship. BeFrienders embody the caring presence of God.