Youth Ministry Council

"Young people are not just the future of the Church, they are its present. Even now they are helping to enrich it." -Pope Francis, Christus Vivit

A Comprehensive Approach for Our Parish

The needs of today's young people are many and meeting those needs requires a style of youth ministry that is dynamic and relational. No one person can have all the answers, just as no one program can suit every child or teen. In order for our parish's youth ministry to thrive, we need a variety of voices: parents, grandparents, teens, catechists, youth ministers and more. 

In the past, our parish had separate ministry teams for Youth Religious Formation and Youth Group. The unique challenges we now face require a new approach. This council will seek to gather a variety of voices to discuss how to best serve the youth of our community. Rather than being tied to any one program, the Youth Ministry Council will discuss how to make St. Mary Magdalen a place that is radically welcoming to the youth of our community.

"The comprehensive approach [to youth ministry]  is not a single program or recipe for ministry. Rather, it provides a way for integrating ministry with adolescents and their families into the total life and mission of the Church, recognizing that the whole community is responsible for this ministry."

-United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

How to Join the Council

The Youth Ministry Council meets quarterly. It will be comprised of the following members:

  • The parish's Director of Evangelization and Youth Ministry

  • A Catechist Representative from the Religious Formation Program

  • An Adult Representative from the parish youth groups 

  • 2 Teen Representatives

  • 3 Parent Representatives

  • 2 General Representatives

Adult representatives will serve two-year terms that can be renewed once. Youth representatives will serve one-year terms that can be renewed annually.

The Catechist, Youth Group, and Teen Representatives will be appointed by the Director of Evangelization and Youth Ministry. The Parish and General Representatives will be chosen by lot. Parent Representatives must be registered parishioners with children living at home. General Representatives  can be any registered member of the parish.

Council Meetings

The Youth Ministry Council meets Quarterly on Tuesdays from 6-8PM. Meetings are open to the entire parish, not just council members. Every meeting will have time set aside for public comment.

The 2022 -2023 meeting dates are as follows:

  • July 26

  • October 18

  • January 24

  • April 18