A heartfelt thank you to the amazing parishioners of SMM. During this difficult time, YOU have proved to live out the gospel of loving your neighbor by being so generous. YOU have eased the suffering of many from Detroit, Brighton, Howell, Flint, and Livingston County. We exceeded last year's gift card collection by $2,200!! We collected $12,860 for our 7 charities and I know we are not done yet, as a few more donations have trickled in after the due date. So, again thank you for your effort and kindness in helping others. A special thank you also goes to those who helped with various activities: Jan/Rob Carpenter, Sue/Boon Weir, Dennis Wagener, Mickey Tucker, and Barb Kowal. Each of these individuals helped in some way whether it was sorting and counting gift cards, delivering gifts, or making the beautiful tag for the bulletin. And thank you to the Charity and Justice committee for all their input into the process.

Advent Giving Tree Committee (Bernie Tucker and Barb Kowal)


Delivering the gift cards

St. Anne's in Detroit

Brown Evangelical