"God nurtures this vision through individual and communal prayer. In prayer we abide in God, freely opening ourselves to listen and respond to our Lord's gracious will. The Eucharist is our fullest prayer in which Christ's faithful love makes us one. By the Eucharist, the power of Christ's sacrificial love transforms us into His real presence in the world. We celebrate this joyous belief with uplifting liturgies that transform our daily lives."  Vision of St. Mary Magdalen

The role of hospitality is to serve as the hosts/hostesses of our parish family as it assembles for the Liturgy. They greet and welcome and assist people, they help people to find proper seating, they gather the gifts of the assembly and they assist people as they leave.  Ministers of Hospitality need to arrive 30 minutes before the Liturgy to make sure that everything needed is set up and ready.  After the Liturgy they need to remain to assure that all is in order. Those who choose this ministry may be families, couples or individuals who are responsible, reliable and friendly and registered members of the parish.