"God nurtures this vision through individual and communal prayer. In prayer we abide in God, freely opening ourselves to listen and respond to our Lord's gracious will. The Eucharist is our fullest prayer in which Christ's faithful love makes us one. By the Eucharist, the power of Christ's sacrificial love transforms us into His real presence in the world. We celebrate this joyous belief with uplifting liturgies that transform our daily lives."  Vision of St. Mary Magdalen


The role of the Minister of the Word is to serve the Assembly by bringing the Word of God to life. Since the Assembly does not have the readings, it all the more important that the minister is well prepared and lively in their proclamation. Ministers of the Word need to arrive 20 minutes before the Liturgy in order to familiarize themselves with the readings as they appear in the Lectionary and prepare for the introduction and General Intercessions. 

Volunteers for this ministry must be responsible people of faith who love the Word of God. They must also be Confirmed in the Catholic Church and registered in the parish.