None of these ministries need special training or experience.

All that is truly needed is a desire to serve and a willingness to serve!!


ADULT FORMATION    (Staff Rep. Erin Wolfe)

This team plans and coordinates the faith formation of adults.

CHARITY & JUSTICE TEAM    (Staff Rep. Sandi Phillips)

The Charity & Justice Ministry Team plans and coordinates our parish’s effort to reach those in immediate need by providing assistance and works toward building a more just society. 


COMMUNITY LIFE TEAM    (Staff Rep. Erin Wolfe)

This team is committed to enhancing the social and communal life of the parish through an assortment of gatherings throughout the year, including the September Picnic, as well as fun events for families and adults.

MARRIAGE MINISTRY TEAM    (Staff Rep. Devon Wolfe)

The Marriage Ministry is composed of parishioners who are dedicated to supporting strong, loving marriages and families.


The Formation Ministry Team looks for ways to develop communication between the parish, youth and our families.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT TEAM    (Staff Rep. Fr. Shaun Lowery)

The Spiritual Development Team is committed to the spiritual development and growth of our parishioners; to awaken and enhance a desire for a deeper relationship with God. 

PARISH WELLNESS TEAM   (Staff Rep. Fr. Shaun Lowery)

This is a ministry team of health care professionals and other caring, service oriented people whose concern is the care and well being of our parishioners. 

WORSHIP TEAM    (Staff Rep. Diane Kubus)

The Worship Ministry Team plans and coordinates the Liturgical celebrations of our parish.  Bringing together our Liturgical ministries, pastoral musicians and members of the Art & Environment team, they work to plan and coordinate prayerful celebrations of the Liturgy.  


YOUTH MINISTRY   (Staff Rep. Joshua Kenny)

Adult men or women are welcome to be a part of this exciting ministry. Our Youth Group meetings are Sunday evenings, September to mid-June. The adult team is made up of people who want to stay involved with what their teenagers are doing and a few kid-free adults who just have a love for sharing their faith.