The Worship Ministry Team plans and coordinates the Liturgical celebrations of our parish. Bringing together our Liturgical ministries, pastoral musicians and members of the Art & Environment team, they work to plan and coordinate prayerful celebrations of the Liturgy. They also strive to enrich our people's understanding of the Mass. Volunteers are asked to make a one-year commitment.

In a sense, this ministry team might be called the ministry of fun and frolic! This team is committed to enhancing the social and communal life of the parish through an assortment of gatherings throughout the year, including the September Picnic, as well as fun events for families and adults. Those who join this ministry are asked to make a one-year commitment.

The Spiritual Development Team is committed to the spiritual development and growth of our parishioners; to awaken and enhance a desire for a deeper relationship with God. Members plan and coordinate opportunities through a variety of prayer forms, studies, encounters and experiences in response to the needs of parishioners. This ministry team meets approximately 5-6 times over the year.

The Formation Ministry Team looks for ways to develop communication between the parish, youth and our families. We are committed to embracing our children as our younger brothers and sisters in Christ. Our mission is to support a strong Religious Education program and our Youth Groups that will excite our youth into learning and sharing our faith fully. This ministry team meets once a month, usually on the third Monday, 9 times a year.Those who join this ministry are asked to make a one-year commitment.

This is a ministry team of health care professionals and other caring, service oriented people whose concern is the care and well being of our parishioners. They coordinate services to those in need (food, transportation, light housework, etc.). They also share their knowledge with the community through a variety of informational and service programs geared to our better health. This ministry team meets once a month, usually on the third Monday, 6 times a year. Those who join this ministry make a one -year commitment to this ministry.

The Charity & Justice Ministry Team plans and coordinates our parish’s effort to reach those in immediate need by providing assistance and works toward building a more just society. Major social teachings of our Catholic faith are promoted through parish education, prayer, and by joining our greater community in events that promote and provide justice. This Ministry Team has about 10 meetings a year (on the second Tuesday of the month). Members who volunteer for this ministry make a commitment for one year.

The Marriage Ministry is composed of parishioners who are dedicated to supporting strong, loving marriages and families. The team plans and coordinates programs, prepares informational materials, and sponsors and promotes events that relate to marriage.  They also support programs and outreach to those who are divorced or separated. The Marriage Ministry meets on Thursday evenings throughout the year.

Adult men or women are welcome to be a part of this exciting ministry. Our Youth Group meetings are Sunday evenings, September to mid-June. The adult team is made up of people who want to stay involved with what their teenagers are doing and a few kid-free adults who just have a love for sharing their faith. We look to these adults for input, advice, and help with behind the scene things that need to be done. You will have a positive impact on their journey through these important years of a teen’s life and formation. Our adult team meets with our high school youth leadership team about twice a month Sunday mornings between Liturgies in the youth room and are a part of the 33 weekly Youth Group meetings, plus optional participation in retreats, diocesan wide events, overnight planned meetings, Cedar Point trip in the summer, work service trips and community service. (Virtus training and a back ground check are necessary for this ministry.)

This team is committed to creating a spiritual and accepting home for middle school students in grades 6, 7 and 8. EDGE provides a safe place for middle schoolers to learn who they are and to be community to one another. We provide a place of refuge away from the stress of school and family and share our Catholic faith to aid in the middle school student realizing that our faith can be fun! This team meets 8 times a year to plan for 14 meetings. (Virtus training and a back ground check are necessary for this ministry.)