These ministries require a brief training but almost no meetings!



CARETEL MINISTRY  (Staff Rep. Fr. Shaun Lowery) Our Caretel Ministry is a Eucharistic Ministry serving Caretel Inns Assisted Living and Senior Care facility in Brighton, across from Planet Fitness on Grand River. 



The Knights of Columbus provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church, their communities, families and young people.

MAGDALENS KITCHEN  (Staff Rep. Jeri Gawlowski) This ministry team prepares and serves a community meal to the physically, socially, or spiritually hungry EVERY MONDAY at 6 pm in the Community Room.


MARTHAS TEAM  (Staff Rep. Mary Walker)  The role of the Martha’s is to assure that all of our sacred spaces are clean and well cared for.  



MINISTERS OF PRAYER    (Staff Rep. Diane Kubus)  Hardly a day goes by without someone asking for prayer for a special need.  This is a commitment to pray for the needs of our fellow parishioners and the parish. 



PROPERTIES TEAM (Staff Rep. Fr. Shaun Lowery)  This is a hands on ministry team.  The Properties Team will be concerned with the maintenance, upkeep, safety and continuing development of our parish buildings and property. 



SAMARITANS    (Staff Rep. Fr. Shaun Lowery)  The Samaritans are a group, who, like the Good Samaritan in the Scriptures, tend to the immediate needs of fellow parishioners.  There are four sub-groups:

                        ●transportation         ●meals            ●household help       ●funeral luncheons

WELCOMING TEAM    (Staff Rep. Gayle Zawisa) The Welcoming Ministry Team enables new people to become full members of the parish.  





PARISH HEALTH TEAM  (Staff Rep. Fr. Shaun Lowery) This is a ministry team of health care professionals who work with our Parish Wellness Team to share their knowledge with the community in a variety of informational and service programs geared to our better health. 

KITCHEN KEEPERS  (Staff Rep. Jeri Gawlowski) This ministry team helps to keep our parish kitchen organized and ready for the various groups that use it over the course of a month. 

SPECIAL ABILITIES (Staff Rep. Fr. Shaun Lowery)  There is always a need for folks with special skills.  It may be woodworking, sewing, calligraphy, metal working and many others. For those who have a special skill and would be willing to place this gift at the service of the community.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY  (Staff Rep. Sandi Phillips)  Everyone who enjoys knitting or croqueting (at any level) is invited to join this ministry of creating shawls, lap blankets, chemo caps and baby blankets for people needing to be enfolded in God’s love and care for them (and ours too!) 

“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do."    Lewis C