The Pastoral Council acts as a focal point of unity, and a channel of cooperation and communication, seeking to coordinate the efforts and activities of the parish in the service of our vision. Together with its ministry teams, task groups and the pastoral staff, this council provides direction for the pastoral activity of the parish. So that our parish might fulfill its vision, the council defines and evaluates goals and programs for pastoral action and assists in the establishment of policies which are consistent with canon law and diocesan policy.


Dwayne Bilicki

Becky Brown

Stephanie Darish

Ted Eisenhut

John Hammang

Ed Knitter

Nancy Little

Mario Maravolo

Larry Pfeil

Cary Schmidt

Lauren Snyder

Michael Tucker

Deacon Devon Wolfe


The Finance Council and its ministry teams advise and aid the pastor in the administration of the parish. The council assists in financial planning, fund raising and development. They assist in formulating policy and procedures for the effective management of parish assets. The council recommends short and long term financial plans in conjunction with the Pastoral Council. It promotes an awareness of personal responsibility for stewardship among our parishioners. It presents an annual report to the parish of our financial status and submits the annual budget to be reviewed by the Pastoral Council for its advice and concurrence.


Darlene Domanik March

Catherine Hazen

Dominic DiCicco

Jason Firek

Gary March

Nancy Little

Dianne Hardy

Matt Rolfes

Sharon Hazen

Marilyn VanTiem

Spencer Trapp

John Spalding

Jeri Gawlowskii -Bookeeper