For Those Who Have Died. . . 

We seem to give them back to You. O Lord, who first gave them to us.
Yet as You did not lose them in giving, so we do not lose them by their return to You.

Not as the world gives do You give, O Lover of souls. What you give You do not take away.
For what is Yours is ours also if we belong to You. Life is eternal and love is immortal.
Death is only a horizon, and a horizon is nothing but the limit of our sight.

Lift us up, strong Son of God, that we may see further; cleanse our eyes,
that we may see more clearly; draw us closer to Yourself that we may
know ourselves to be nearer our loved ones who are with You.

And while you prepare a place for us, prepare us also for that place.
That where You are, we may be also forevermore. Amen.

Week of November 15, 2020

+ Susan Douglas

the sister of Jack Hardy


+ Susan Shearer

the mother of Kim Shearer




Week of October 25, 2020


+ Doloris Kolliker

the mother of Lori Sproull


+ Susan Roesler

the daughter in law of George and Gloria Zarb



Week of October 18, 2020


+ Elaine Zawisa

the mother of Mark Zawisa



Week of October 11, 2020


+ Robert Ostrowski

the grandfather of Mylisa Bombard


Week of October 4, 2020


+ Luke Dery



Week of September 20, 2020


+ Beverly Gniewek

the sister of Jeff Gniewek



Week of September 6, 2020


+ Joe Campeau

the nephew of Sr.Maryetta Churches

Week of August 30, 2020


+ Dennis Chaivre

the brother-in-law of Elaine Woods


+ Richard (Dick) Smith

+ Randy Wildermuth

the father of Joshua Wildermuth


Week of August 23, 2020


+ Girard Pfeil
the brother of Larry Pfeil

+ Ben Lindamood




Week of August 16, 2020


+ Karen Bartman
the wife of Charles Bartman






Week of August 9, 2020


+ Beverly Rogers
the aunt and Godmother of Cathy Baumgart






Week of July 26, 2020


+ David Kurdunowicz
the brother of Mary Jo Cubr



+ Regina Dinser






Week of July 19, 2020


+ Karl Koch
the husband of Sharon Koch





Week of July 12, 2020


+ George Alfanos
the father of Dave Alfanos

+ Adonna Martin
the sister of Dave Martin






Week of July 5, 2020


+ Deacon Dave Lawrence



+ Keith Hardy
the father of Brian Hardy


+ John (Jack) O'Connell





Week of June 14, 2020


+ Larry Buslepp

+ Sally Wagener
the sister-in-law of Dennis Wagener

+ Marjorie Williams




Week of June 7, 2020


+ Mary (Jean) Renick
the mother of Jeanette Martin



Week of May 31, 2020


+ Ignatius Paul Mak


+ Michael Bosak



Week of May 24, 2020


+ Gene Golbiw


+ Lois Bidinger
the mother of Doug Bidinger





Week of May 17, 2020


+ Peggy Schmid
the mother of Karen Zapalski, Laurie Murphy and Tom Schmid



Week of May 10, 2020


+ Connie Ferranti
the sister of Joe Lubig





Week of May 3, 2020


+ Constance Carruthers


+ Mary Ellen Slivinski
the aunts of Jim Carruthers


+ Irvin Alder

+ Gregory Grech



Week of April 26, 2020


+ Catherine Marr
the daughter of John and Fran Marr
and grandaughter of Margaret Marr 

+ Chuck Rinaldi

+ Barbara Furlong




Week of April 12, 2020


+ Ron LaPage
the brother-in-law of Ed Govan




Week of April 5, 2020


+ John Luebbe
the father of Mark Luebbe


+ Tim Brewer
the brother-in-law of Donna Price


+ Margaret Marschall
the aunt of Larry Marschall



Week of March 29, 2020


+ Kevin Smith
the brother-in-law of Maureen Crowell


+ Marie Allen
the mother of Harold Allen



Week of March 22, 2020


+ Joseph Cubr
the father of Jim Cubr


+ Lisa Schibley
the niece of Mary and Dick Walker


+ Don Tremel



Week of March 15, 2020


+ Joseph McMullen
the son of Thomas and Virginia McMullen


+ Daniel Migdal



Week of March 1, 2020


+ Betty Ann Cloutier
the mother of Gwen Weinberger


+ Betty Kurkowski
the mother of Frances Kubacki


+ Andrew Kovalchik
the brother-in-law of Donna Kovalchik and Uncle of Robin Shollack