As children of God and disciples of
Christ Jesus, we have been assembled
by the bishop of the Diocese of Lansing
to form a new Catholic community in Brighton.

Our vision is to build a community of simplicity,
peace, joy, inspiration and renewal; a haven where
we share our hopes and our hurts.

God nurtures this vision through individual and communal prayer.
In prayer we abide in God, freely opening ourselves
to listen and respond to our Lord's gracious will.
The Eucharist is our fullest prayer in which
Christ's faithful love makes us one.
By the Eucharist, the power of Christ's sacrificial
love transforms us into His real presence in the world.  We celebrate this joyousbelief with uplifting liturgies that transform our daily lives.

The conviction of Scripture and Church teaching
is the foundation of our ongoing faith enrichment,
all throughout the unfolding of our lives.
We embrace our children as our younger brothers
and sisters in Christ.  We envision a strong religious education program that will excite our youth into learning and sharing with us fully.

Our community supports the importance and
integrity of families.  For those who have no one,
we are family.  We are truly woven together,
supporting our pastor and each other.
On our journey of faith we warmly embrace the seeker; we are supportive to those struggling in faith and compassionate towards those who have wandered.

Our faith is living and vigorous.  As the Body of Christ we reach out to invite and welcome strangers and offer support and encouragement to those burdened by need, hurt and sin.  Believing that the Kingdom of God is in our midst, we work for a more just society.

 Because the union of all Christians is one of our great hopes, we focus on what unites us rather than on that which divides us.  We extend ourselves to other faiths, cultures and traditions.  Through shared friendship and service we hope to foster understanding and peace.

We commit ourselves to this vision, dedicating to it our energies, individual talents and expertise, time and our financial support.  We pray that God who began this good work in us, will bring it to its fulfillment!